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CEESI Measurement Solutions specializes in measurement engineering services including System Balance Analysis (LAUF), Field Audits/Assessments, Allocation Measurement, and Flow Algorithm Verification.
System Balance Analysis

System Balance Analysis (LAUF)

Whether producing, transporting, selling, buying, or using oil and gas products, what goes into the system equals what leaves the system. In short, what comes in must equal what goes out.

Field Audits/Assessments

Field Audits/Assessments

Whether assessing one station, a group of stations, or an entire pipeline system, we can design testing plans, protocols, and provide the project management to help you assess your measurement risk.

System Balance Analysis

Allocation Measurement

Allocation - the act of distributing by allotting or apportioning; distribution according to a plan.

Field Audits/Assessments

Measurement Engineering Services

Measurement performance is a compilation of many factors, beginning with station design, equipment selection, calibration, installation, start up & commissioning.

System Balance Analysis

Flow Algorithm Verification

Whether you are a manufacturer and/or end user, ensuring the accuracy of the flow algorithms implemented in flow computers and measurement systems is fundamental to measurement integrity.


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