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Measurement Engineering Services

We can assist with all aspects associated with measurement performance from initial design to customized training. We offer a variety of measurement engineering services including:

Station Design

A common challenge that exists in the energy industry is the 'one size fits all' station design. Designs are sent to the fabrication facility and constructed without specific attention to potential impacts on measurement performance. Equipment designed for liquid applications are specified on skids intended for gas measurement. Our experience from both a engineering and field perspective enable us to critically review station designs for optimal functionality.

Engineering Drawing Reviews

Issued for Review (IFR) Drawings are your last chance to catch mistakes before drawings are issued for construction. Once constructed, corrections causes cost overruns and scheduling delays. Let CMS review your engineering IFR drawing packages to ensure the instrumentation and controls designed into the system support quality metering and ability to monitor the performance over time.

Equipment Selection

Flow meter selection takes into account many factors, including fluid properties, pressure, temperature, viscosity, density, Reynolds number, velocity, installation effects, straight-run availability, and economic constraints.
We can recommend the best meter(s) for a given application, including crude oil, natural gas, compressed gases, flare gases, steam, hydrocarbons, and refined products and liquids.

USM Fabrication-to-Field Quality Control

Optimizing ultrasonic meter performance involves more than just proper selection of the meter; special fabrication controls are also necessary. These include:

  • Reviewing manufacturer dry calibration data
  • Inspecting the meter assembly at the skid fabricator facility
  • Conducting on-site meter tube inspection and startup log file review and analysis
  • Performing AGA-9 inspection of the meter tube assembly, witnessing the mating of the meter tubes to the meter, and shipping preparation to the calibration facility

Meter Calibration & Performance

Proper calibration is critical to station performance. The combination of CEESI calibration facilities and CMSI technical expertise ensure meters are in optimal condition upon installation.

  • Witnessing laboratory flow calibrations (on-site or remote WebEx monitoring)
  • Functionality Acceptance Test ("FAT") - If your technicians are unavailable or lack the expertise, CMS can perform FAT tests on your equipment at either the fabrication facility or in the field

Field Installation

The equipment has been selected, skid fabricated and now it's off to the field. Even the best designed skids can't function properly if installed incorrectly. RT Technical Solutions, a W.E.S.T. company, is a licensed electrical contractor with extensive measurement expertise. We consider grounding, electrical classification, proper placement of conduit, etc. when performing field installations.

Meter Station Commissioning and Startup

Verifying initial meter station functionality is critical to establishing a good operational baseline. If meters aren't installed and commissioned properly, all subsequent data generated can be questionable. CMS personnel are available to:

  • Ensure proper startup and commissioning
  • training technicians at startup

System Balance Analysis

System Balance Analysis (LAUF)

Whether producing, transporting, selling, buying, or using oil and gas products, what goes into the system equals what leaves the system. In short, what comes in must equal what goes out.

Field Audits/Assessments

Field Audits/Assessments

Whether assessing one station, a group of stations, or an entire pipeline system, we can design testing plans, protocols, and provide the project management to help you assess your measurement risk.

System Balance Analysis

Allocation Measurement

Allocation - the act of distributing by allotting or apportioning; distribution according to a plan.

System Balance Analysis

Flow Algorithm Verification

Whether you are a manufacturer and/or end user, ensuring the accuracy of the flow algorithms implemented in flow computers and measurement systems is fundamental to measurement integrity.


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