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System Balance Analysis

The first step to any system analysis is to make sure the system is defined correctly. Hydrocarbon measurement systems can be complex. We have setup system balance analysis for all types of hydrocarbon measurement systems, from production fields to distribution systems. Once the system is properly defined, we can work with all company departments to locate any issues. This can be in the form of data analysis, accounting audits, or field audits. There are many causes for systems to be out of balance, from components left out of the evaluation to inaccurate measurement to simple accounting issues. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to analyze your system and determine the likely causes for any imbalance.

When it comes to poor performing system balances, we all hope to find the “silver bullet.” Unfortunately, in most cases, system balance problems are a combination of many small, hard to identify issues. We can help you solve your LAUF problems by utilizing an integrated approach of:

  • Historical Flow Data Analysis
  • O&M Processes & Procedures Analysis
  • Measurement Design Analysis
  • Field Audits/Assessments

Through this process, our team can identify your measurement issues and provide help ranging from recommendations to turnkey services to improve your system’s performance. We can assist you in maintaining your system’s performance by:

  • Designing statistically based LAUF control charts and LAUF tools
  • Providing Measurement Training
  • Reviewing, Revising and/or Developing O&M procedures and Best Practices
  • Reviewing, Revising and/or Developing Measurement Design Standards

We start by:

  • Learning about your physical system and your balance equation
  • Reviewing your historical flow data, O&M, and design standards

From the review we:

  • Develop initial assessment
  • Perform target field assessments to test/validate theories

We provide:

  • Options to meet your needs, ranging from recommendations to turnkey management of improving your system’s performance
  • A suite of services to help you maintain system performance over time


System Balances to Resolve Dispute

CMS was brought in to resolve a dispute between a buyer and seller of natural gas. By analyzing the system balance on both the buyer side and on the seller side, CMS Engineers were able to determine the cause of the discrepancy. Being an independent third party ensured the findings were unbiased and allowed both companies to avoid litigation.

Development of LAUF System

A large producer had no idea whether their system of production and sales meters were balancing. Over 100 measurement stations were involved in the system. The system had some check meters along with several sub-sections that could be analyzed. CMS provided a turn-key system that allows the user to analyze the balance on the entire system as well as the balance of any particular sub-system. The LAUF tool allows the user to monitor the performance of all the systems over time and alerts the user when there is a change in the performance of the system.

Gathering System Analysis

A midstream company faced a system imbalance that varied seasonally and with flowrate. The gathering system brought in both crude oil and natural gas. Due to the immense growth of the system, the balance was ignored. Eventually, it was looked at again, and losses on the system were noted. CMS was able to analyze the system setup which pointed to several possible loss causes. This was followed by field audits where CMS personnel located the problem and were able to suggest corrective actions.

System Balance Analysis

Allocation Measurement

Allocation - the act of distributing by allotting or apportioning; distribution according to a plan.

Field Audits/Assessments

Field Audits/Assessments

Whether assessing one station, a group of stations, or an entire pipeline system, we can design testing plans, protocols, and provide the project management to help you assess your measurement risk.

System Balance Analysis

Flow Algorithm Verification

Whether you are a manufacturer and/or end user, ensuring the accuracy of the flow algorithms implemented in flow computers and measurement systems is fundamental to measurement integrity.

Field Audits/Assessments

Measurement Engineering Services

Measurement performance is a compilation of many factors, beginning with station design, equipment selection, calibration, installation, start up & commissioning.


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