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Bill Johansen, P.E.

Director of Engineering/Chief Engineer & Flow Measurement Instructor

Bill Johansen
Bill is the Director of Engineering/Chief Engineer at CEESI and is licensed as a professional engineer in Wyoming, Colorado and Texas. Bill joined CEESI in 1996 as a staff engineer after graduating from the University of Wyoming with Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to entering college he had served in the US Navy as a nuclear reactor mechanic and operator. Bill currently oversees quality control of internal and customer calibrations for both the Colorado and Iowa calibration facilities. He directs how the technicians are to set up and perform meter and instrument calibrations, manages how calibration data reports are created for customers, and answers customer questions about calibrations. Bill directs efforts to improve customer meter calibrations by: improving and extending the range of gravimetric primary sensors, reducing the uncertainty of primary systems and data acquisition systems, adapting lab procedures and equipment to keep pace with current metering technologies, using Statistical Process Control (SPC) data to insure that laboratory equipment is correctly functioning, and training technicians to correctly understand new flowmeter electronics and software. Bill also works with the software development staff to ensure that new data acquisition, processing, and reporting software adheres to CEESI quality assurance procedures, industry standards, and customer requirements. Bill's work with the engineering staff at CEESI focuses on supporting and improving the quality of the calibrations at the Colorado and Iowa facilities. This work includes supporting the ISO/IEC 17025 standard audits and the design and construction of the low flow calibration standard used at the Iowa calibration facility. Since Bill started working at CEESI, he has planned and taught a variety of flow measurement training courses. He has also written and presented papers at various industry conferences including the International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement (ISFFM) and the CEESI Ultrasonic Meter User’s Workshop.

Professional Societies

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1993, University of Wyoming
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1995, University of Wyoming
Professional Engineer License

Recent Papers

  • A Proposed Standard for Natural Gas Viscosities - American Gas Association
  • Cone DP Meter Calibration Issues - Flomeko
  • Reducing the Uncertainty of a Gravimetric Primary Standard - Flomeko
  • The Development of Ultrasonic Meter Performance Diagnostic Methods Velocity Profile Ratios - Flomeko
  • Cone DP Flow Meters - Comments & Lessons from 15 Years of Calibration Experience - Flomeko
  • The Effect of Using Real Gas Absolute Viscosity and Isentropic Exponent on Orifice Flow Measurement: Proposed Adoption of REFPROP 8.0 as a Standard for the Natural Gas Industry - Flomeko
  • Monitoring the Repeatability and Reproducibilty of a Natural Gas Calibration Facility - Flomeko
  • Performance of a Gas Flow Meter Calibration System Utilizing Critical Flow Venturi Standards - Flomeko

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