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CEESI Unveils New Branding


Rich Schoonover, President of Corporate Operations, CEESI Colorado Lab

Joel Clancy, President, CEESI Iowa Lab

June 12, 2018, Nunn, Colo. – Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc, (CEESI), a leading authority in flow measurement calibration and specialized testing, unveiled today a new branding initiative to unify itself within the Western Energy Support & Technology, Inc. (WEST) family.

“The new brand signifies our focus on being the source for reliable test results and the support, research, and training that advances flow measurement,” said Rich Schoonover, president of corporate operations, CEESI Colorado Lab. “CEESI and our four sister companies share an unwavering commitment to the same values and mission,” added Joel Clancy, president, CEESI Iowa Lab. “We provide superior products and services that help customers solve their flow measurement challenges and offer valuable thought leadership to the industries we serve.”

The new brand reinforces the organizations’ professionalism and dependability, reflects the strength and stability of each of the companies under the WEST umbrella, and unifies what were once disparate companies into a family. The logos, comprising shapes with 90-degree angles and structural flow lines, were inspired by the companies’ histories in flow.

The branding initiative includes new logos, visual look and feel, and updated messaging. The evolved brand identity will be rolled out to CEESI’s communications and experiences, beginning immediately.


Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc. (CEESI) delivers calibration, specialized testing, and engineering services that give customers assurance in their equipment. At its locations in Nunn, Colorado, and Garner, Iowa, CEESI performs NIST-traceable primary and secondary calibrations on numerous types of meters and valves, using a wide range of flow rates, pressures, temperatures, and test gases.


Colorado Facility
54043 County Road 37
Nunn, Colorado 80648

Iowa High Flow Facility
2365 240th St.
Garner, Iowa 50438

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