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Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc. (CEESI) performs NIST traceable primary and secondary calibration for numerous types of flow meters and fluids. In addition to quality calibrations, CEESI offers calibration-related engineering services, valve testing, and a wide range of flow measurement training services.

Key Company Details

Contribution to Measurement Committees & Standards Development

Throughout the years, CEESI engineers have been heavily involved with a variety organizations involved in flow measurement and standards development. CEESI engineers have:
  • Worked on writing/developing standards for AGA, ISO, and ASME
  • Served on committees for ASGMT, ASME, ISO, AGA, GRI, API, GTI, NAFFMC, and AGMSC
  • Taught presented/instructed at: ISHM, ASGMT, AGMSC, SGA, ISFFM, and MMSS
  • Supervised flow measurement testing for portions of AGA 7

Major Calibration Test Areas
Iowa Natural Gas Facility

Iowa Natural Gas Facility

The facility in taps into a 42 inch line in order to run natural gas tests on a wide range of meters.

Wet Gas and Multiphase Facility

Wet Gas/Multiphase Facility

This facility can test a variety of fluid mixtures and is often used to help companies test new meter designs.

High Flow Pad

High Flow Pad

This outdoor air test stand can test massive meters with large flowrates.

Missile Bay

Missile Bay

This indoor test area can test meters with high flowrates; it is housed in what used to be a nuclear missile silo.

Main Lab

Main Lab

This large underground area houses a variety of test stands with a wide range of capabilities.

Water Lab

Water Lab

Our water lab can test a wide range of meters types on water.

R and D


This is another test area for for meters that must be calibrated at high flowrates.



The Porter is used to test very small meters at very low flow rates.


Services by Meter Type

While we can calibrate any type of flow meter, we offer an even wider range of services for meter types including:

Company Timeline In Brief

Full History with Pictures
  • "Engineering Experiment Station" began at University of Colorado (1951)
  • Laboratory operations moved to Nunn, Colorado (1966)
  • Organization reincorporated as a for-profit company by Walt Seidl and Steve Caldwell (1986)
  • CEESI began offering flow measurement training courses (1991)
  • Wet Gas Test Facility in Colorado completed (1999)
  • Iowa Natural Gas Facility completed (1999)
  • CEESI hosts the 4th ISFFM as secretariat (1999)
  • CEESI hosts the first Ultrasonic Meter Seminar (2001)
  • CEESI hosts the 5th ISFFM as secretariat (2002)
  • CEESI earns ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation (2004)
  • CEESI hosts the 6th ISFFM as secretariat (2006)
  • Wet Gas Test Facility upgraded to 4 inch system that can measure multiphase fluids (2007)
  • CEESI Technical Library went online (2007)
  • CEESI hosts the 7th ISFFM as secretariat (2009)
  • CEESI Measurement Solutions (CMS) started (2011)
  • Wet Gas/Multiphase Facility upgraded to 8 inch system that can measure multiphase liquids (2011)
  • Calibrations services in Colombia added (2011)
  • The Ultrasonic Meter User's Workshop is hosted in 3 countries for the first time (2011)
  • CEESI hosts the 8th ISFFM as secretariat (2012)
  • CEESmaRT incorporated and begins beta testing (2012)
  • CEESI hosts its first ultrasonic workshop in Europe (2012)
  • Water in Oil test area built (2013)
  • Iowa natural gas facility upgrades low flow capabilities (2013)
  • Wet Gas/Multiphase Facility upgraded to handle custom liquids (2013)
  • CEESI hosts the 9th ISFFM as secretariat (2015)
  • Liquid Hydrocarbon Flow Calibration Facility Built (2015)
  • Steve Caldwell Retires as WEST CEO (2016)
  • Rich Schoonover appointed to President (2017)
  • CEESI hosts the 10th ISFFM as secretariat (2018)
  • CEESI, WEST companies, unveil new branding (2018)

Colorado Facility
54043 County Road 37
Nunn, Colorado 80648

Iowa High Flow Facility
2365 240th St.
Garner, Iowa 50438

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