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Cryogenic Flow Calibration Facility

System Overview

The Cryogenic Flow Calibration Facility is a pumped continuous system allowing for thermal equilibrium and continuous operation without liquid loss. Liquid nitrogen (LN2) is circulated through the system by a variable-speed centrifugal pump. The liquid flows through a sub cooler where thermal energy due to pumping is removed. After leaving the sub cooler, the liquid flows through a vacuum jacketed loop and through the meter test section. The liquid then goes into the weigh tank, which is suspended by a load cell consisting of a set of calibrated weights. The liquid mass is collected and weighed over a given amount of time. The data is captured during this process. The liquid is then released through the weigh tank valve into the catch tank and back through the pump. Flow rates are controlled by two test section valves and pump speed. The temperature of the test section, temperature of the weigh tank/catch tank, and system pressure are closely monitored. The system is also pressurized with helium to prevent the LN2 from boiling. The system is capable of testing turbine meters, coriolis meters, vortex shedding meters, positive displacement meters, and a variety of other meter types.

History, Traceability, & Accreditation

This test facility was acquired from NIST in 2016 and brought online at CEESI in 2017. The instrumentation in the CEESI Cryogenic Facility is traceable to NIST through our quality assurance program.

Technical Specifications

Fluid Type: Liquid Nitrogen (LN2)
Meter Size: 1” to 4”
Flow Rates: 20 to 200 (US) gal/min. (60 to 600 kg/min)
Pressure Range: 60 to 110 PSIA (0.4 to 0.76 MPa)
Temperature Range: 80 to 90 K (-297.7°F to -315.6°F)


Colorado Facility
54043 County Road 37
Nunn, Colorado 80648

Iowa High Flow Facility
2365 240th St.
Garner, Iowa 50438

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