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Calibration Capabilities

Below is a list of flow measurement calibration capabilities including NIST traceable calibration ranges for the facilities in Colorado and Iowa. Both Colorado and Iowa facilities are accredited by NVLAP (Lab Code: 200377-0), as explained by the quality assurance program. CEESI can perform calibrations in accordance with a wide variety of industry standards.


NIST Traceable Calibration (Colorado)

  • Primary air calibration with 0.10% uncertainty
  • Secondary air calibration with 0.30% - 0.50% uncertainty
  • Liquid calibration with 0.10% uncertainty
  • Air flowrates from 1 ACCM to 200 LBm/Sec
  • Air pressure to 2200 psia
  • Liquid flowrates from 0.1 to 2000 gpm
  • Liquid pressure to 1800 psia
  • Air line sizes to 120 inches
  • Other gases such as N2, He, CO, CO2, Ar, CH4, O2, H2, Natural Gas, and mixtures
  • Custom calibration

Meter Sizes Calibrated (Colorado)

  • Virtually any meter size (call for information)

Meter Types Calibrated (Colorado)

  • Critical Flow Venturis/Nozzles
  • Sharp-edged Orifice Meters
  • Laminar Flow Elements
  • Turbine Flowmeters
  • Swirlmeters
  • Coriolis Meters
  • Positive Displacement Meters
  • Cone Flowmeters
  • Insertion Meters
  • Valves used for Measurement & Control
  • Subsonic Venturis/Nozzles
  • Multiple Venturi/Nozzle Assemblies
  • Variable Area Flowmeters(Rotameters)
  • Vortex Shedding Flowmeters
  • Magnetic Flowmeters
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters
  • Thermal Mass & Velocity Meters
  • Anemometers & Velocity Meters
  • Flowmeter/Flow Computer Combinations
  • Custom Meters

Valve Testing (Colorado)

  • Line sizes to 36 inches
  • Mass flowrates to 500 lbm/sec
  • Pressure to 2000 psi
  • Types include control, ball, safety relief, check, subsurface safety valves, gas lift, and plug valves
  • Tests include flow coefficient (Cv), FL, stem loading, noise, cracking pressure

Turnaround (Colorado)

  • Average turnaround is two weeks. One, three, and five day turnarounds are available with prior scheduling.


NIST Traceable Calibration (Iowa)

  • Nominal Flowing Pressure of 1,050 psia
  • Flowrate Uncertainty of 0.23%
  • Natural gas flow range of 6 - 20,000 acfm (high Reynolds numbers)

Meter Sizes Calibrated (Iowa)

  • Line Sizes: 4 - 36 inches (for 600 class meters)

Meter Types Calibrated (Iowa)

  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters
  • Turbine Flowmeters
  • Cone Flowmeters
  • Coriolis Meters
  • Subsonic Venturis/Nozzles
  • Sharp-edged Orifice Meters
  • Critical Flow Venturis/Nozzles
  • Flowmeter/Flow Computer Combinations
  • ANNUBAR Flow Meters
  • Custom Meters

Valve Testing (Iowa)

  • Valve Noise Testing

Turnaround (Iowa)

  • Average turnaround is one to two weeks. One and two day turnarounds are available with prior scheduling.


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