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Western Energy Support & Technology, Inc. (WEST) is a holding company that was established in 1992. The WEST corporation is comprised of: CEESI, CEESIowa, Flow Systems, CEESmaRT, Graftel, and RT Technical Solutions. Many of the staff at CEESI support the operations of the WEST companies.

Steve Caldwell (Retired)
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Steve Caldwell retired in 2016 after 52 years of work in the measurement industry. He was with CEESI since the operation first moved to its present site in 1965. At the time of his retirement, his position was Chief Executive Officer of Western Energy Support & Technology, Inc. (WEST). [Read more...]


Jerry Caldwell, President of Corporate Operations
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Jerry has been with CEESI since 1983. He worked in the lab for over twenty years; he ran most of the test areas at the Colorado facility including the: high flow pad, M&E, and missile bay. He also worked in the shop and welding area. Jerry worked with NASA subcontractors to test parts for the space shuttle program. He also worked with military subcontractors in the aerospace industry to develop components for the Patriot missile system. He also worked on a project to collect natural gas sampling data for the API 14.1 Sampling standard. Jerry has trained several technicians and has conducted company-wide safety trainings. More recently, he helped design the water in oil test area in 2013. In 2011, he was promoted to Vice President of Corporate Operations. In 2015, Jerry was promoted to President of Corporate Operations. He oversees the daily operation of CEESI's Colorado and facilities; he supervises a team of associate managers who schedule and coordinate calibrations, and facilitate the shipping/receiving functions of the company.

Joel Clancy, CEESIowa President & Flow Measurement Instructor
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Joel earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Wyoming in 1994. He served honorably as a Captain in the Wyoming Air National Guard serving as an Operations Officer for the 187th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron. He started his career with CEESI in 1996 as a flow measurement technician performing both secondary and primary calibrations; during that time he worked in the Primary A, Primary B, and Missile Bay test areas. He has received training on multiple ultrasonic meters and is considered an expert on most. He assisted in the design and construction of the Iowa facility in 1999, as well as the low flow expansion in 2011. He oversees the daily operations at the Iowa facility and has trained much of the staff. He has been a central figure in planning and hosting the annual CEESI ultrasonic conferences, which began in 2000; he not only helps coordinate these conferences, but regularly presents papers and teaches training courses prior to each conference. Joel's expertise in ultrasonic flowmeters has lead him to consulting projects and site audits around the world, including several regions around the U.S., as well as in Asia, South America, and Africa. In 2016, Joel was promoted from Vice President to President CEESIowa. [Read more...]

Dirk Flournoy, Director of Operations for CEESI Colorado & HSE Director
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Dirk joined CEESI in 2011 as a measurement technician. He has received training including: wet gas flow measurement, wet gas sampling, ABB gas chromatography, operation of Daniel and SICK meters, Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET), Confined Space Training (through OSHA), Hazmat Shipping Training, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (OSHA) as well as in-house flow measurement training. Dirk has a B.S. from California State University Chico. He was promoted to Wet Gas Test Facility (WGTF) Supervisor in 2014. He has worked on a variety of major projects at CEESI including: assisting with the wet gas 8 inch loop upgrade, helping build the single pass test area (an extension of the wet gas loop), sampling liquids in CEESI’s new oil and water facility, and helping build CEESI’s new salinity test area. Dirk was promoted Health, Safety, and Environment Director in January 2015. He is in direct supervision of all aspects of Health Safety and Environmental issues for CEESI Colorado, as well as general oversight for all WEST companies. He has most recently been responsible for the construction of the Liquid Hydrocarbon Viscosity Lab at the Nunn facility and manages daily operations of that facility. Dirk is now the Director of Operations for CEESI, Colorado.

John Reiner, Director of Metrology & Measurement Assurance
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Mr. Reiner joined the CEESI staff in 1990 after earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering. Hired as a Flow Measurement Technician/Instrumentation Specialist, John has operated and supported all of CEESI’s primary and secondary flow test areas. John has managed the Metrology Department since 1995 maintaining the calibration process of primary standards, transfer standard, and instrumentation which assures CEESI’s traceability to the National Institute of Technology (NIST). He develops and maintains Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts on the instrumentation used in the daily flow calibrations. John also manages the Measurement Assurance Department developing and maintaining quality documents and procedures for the Colorado, Berthoud, and Iowa facilities. He has developed CEESI’s Quality Program to meet national and international standards which met the goal of third party accreditation in 2004 by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). John was involved with the development, construction, and operation of the High Pressure Liquid Flow Lab. He designed and wired the safety circuitry and instrument control panels for the CEESI Iowa facility. And most recently, the design and wiring of the instrumentation and data acquisition systems for the Liquid Hydrocarbon Test Facility. [Read more...]


Bill Johansen, P.E., Director of Engineering & Flow Measurement Instructor
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Bill is the Director of Engineering at CEESI and is licensed as a professional engineer in Wyoming, Colorado and Texas. Bill joined CEESI in 1996 as a staff engineer after graduating from the University of Wyoming with Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to entering college he had served in the US Navy as a nuclear reactor mechanic and operator. Bill currently oversees quality control of internal and customer calibrations for both the Colorado and Iowa calibration facilities. He directs how the technicians are to set up and perform meter and instrument calibrations, manages how calibration data reports are created for customers, and answers customer questions about calibrations. Bill directs efforts to improve customer meter calibrations by: improving and extending the range of gravimetric primary sensors, reducing the uncertainty of primary systems and data acquisition systems, adapting lab procedures and equipment to keep pace with current metering technologies, using Statistical Process Control (SPC) data to insure that laboratory equipment is correctly functioning, and training technicians to correctly understand new flowmeter electronics and software. Bill also works with the software development staff to ensure that new data acquisition, processing, and reporting software adheres to CEESI quality assurance procedures, industry standards, and customer requirements. [Read more...]

Dr. Richard Steven, Wet Gas Test Facility Director & Flow Measurement Instructor
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Richard is currently the director of the CEESI Wet Gas Test facility. He earned his Ph. D. in Experimental Fluid Mechanics at Strathclyde University in 2001. He has worked with on two-phase flow metering projects with the U.K. government and other industry sponsors. Before joining CEESI, he worked for McCrometer as their Multiphase Meter Development manager were he researched wet gas metering with differential pressure meters, and provided training in single and two phase flow metering technologies. He has served on a variety of industry committees relating to wet gas. His duties at CEESI currently include: wet gas metering consultancy, analyzing customer data and writing reports industry as an advert to CEESI capabilities, supplying wet gas flow meter training courses worldwide, representing CEESI at major industry conferences worldwide, and representing CEESI at various ASME and ISO wet gas meter committees. He has presented a variety of papers at several CEESI Ultrasonic Meter User's Workshops and at the 2012 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement. Richard was also the assistant editor of the “Journal of Flow Measurement and Instrumentation” from 2007 to 2008. [Read more...]

Tom Kegel, Senior Staff Engineer & Flow Measurement Instructor
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Tom joined CEESI in 1991. He has over thirty years of experience in flow measurement research, product development, calibration, testing, training and consulting. His current responsibilities at CEESI include new facility development, special test programs and engineering support of measurement processes. Tom has developed a broad understanding of measurement uncertainty that is valuable to CEESI clients as well as forming a solid foundation for the traceability of calibration services. He continues to contribute to expanding CEESI business opportunities in technical training and consulting. He has presented papers at numerous CEESI Ultrasonic Meter User's Workshops; he has presented papers at every International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement since 1995.

Eric Harman, Senior Staff Engineer & Flow Measurement Instructor
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Eric joined the CEESI staff in 2008 as a staff engineer. He earned his BS in Bio-Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado in 1983 and has worked in the flow measurement field for over thirty years. Recently he designed an extension to the wet gas/multiphase facility to inject custom liquids (hydrocarbon condensates, MEG, and salt water mixtures) into a natural gas stream. His other recent projects include: velocity profile mapping, special Pitot tube calibrations, Critical Flow Venturi (CFV) calibrations of gas meter standards and flare gas meters, and testing Coriolis meter diagnostics. Eric has taught CEESI flow measurement training courses, written papers for the North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop, and presented data at the CEESI Ultrasonic Meter User’s Workshop. He has also made contributions to API 22.3 Testing Protocol for Flare Gas Metering. Before joining CEESI, Eric worked at Dieterich Standard, Flow Systems Inc., and was an engineering manager at Veris Inc. He holds several patents related to flow measurement, lead numerous training programs, and has considerable experience in field installation of DP meters. [Read more...]

Bryan Trostel, P.E., Engineering Manager

Bryan joined CEESI in 2007 after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Colorado State University. He oversees daily laboratory operations at the Colorado calibration facility to ensure that all calibrations are performed in a manner appropriate for the intended end use. Bryan monitors quality control of internal and customer calibrations for both the Colorado and Iowa calibration facilities. He instructs technicians on how to set up and perform meter and instrument calibrations, helps direct how calibration data reports are created for customers, and answers questions about flow meter calibrations. He promotes efforts to improve customer meter calibrations by: adapting lab procedures and equipment to keep pace with current metering technologies, using Statistical Process Control (SPC) data to insure that laboratory equipment is correctly functioning, and training technicians to correctly understand new flowmeter electronics and software. Bryan also works with CEESI's software development staff to ensure that report generation software adheres to customer requirements, quality assurance procedures, and industry standards. He has written a paper about ultrasonic flowmeter calibration intervals for Flomeko and an article in the Pipeline & Gas Journal.

Dan Macey, Staff Engineer & Software Validation

Dan joined the CEESI staff in 1996 after graduating with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wyoming. He has written a variety of internal software systems including data acquisition and data processing applications. Dan has also customized CEESI's data acquisition and reporting systems to meet customer needs. He also provides advanced technical support and troubleshooting for establishing meter communications with CEESI's data acquisition systems; he has experience working with MODBUS, Fieldbus, and OPC.

Greg Melendez, Staff Engineer
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Greg joined CEESI in 2015 and began working in the Liquid Hydrocarbon Flow Calibration Laboratory. Greg received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wyoming. Before joining CEESI, he worked in energy production industry as product/field engineer in both the wind and solar sectors. His current responsibilities include calibration setups, meter testing, and overall day to day activities in the Liquid Hydrocarbon Flow Calibration Laboratory. He has completed in-house training course work on flow measurement.


Eric Hirsch, Operations Manager (Colorado Facility) & Data Acquisition Specialist

Eric joined CEESI in 1992 after completing his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology at Colorado State University His responsibilities include the supervision of all calibrations, planning and testing at the Colorado lab, communicating with customers the scheduling of calibration services, quoting and directing day to day operations.

Joshua Kinney, Wet Gas Test Facility Operations Manager
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Josh came to CEESI in 1992 after completing course work in Mechanical Engineering. He started with CEESI in 1992 as a flow measurement technician, and has since gained experience in the operation of many test areas. In 1997, he became involved with final construction of the Wet Gas Test Facility (WGTF). Subsequently, he started the single-phase flow meter Joint Industry Project in the WGTF. He aided in the design and construction of the three-phase flow capability upgrade in the CEESI Wet Gas Test Facility in 2007. Since 2008, Josh has executed the multiphase flow meter Joint Test Program (JTP), as well as, aided in the design and construction of the 8 inch Test Facility and the CEESI Single Pass Test Facility. Josh also helped planned and implement the gas loop upgrade which allowed the facility to handle custom liquid mixtures. He has written and presented many papers at both ISHM and ASGMT, and has served as Deputy Chair of the program committee at Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course. He has received training in the operation of SICK, Daniel, and Micro Motion meters. [Read more...]

James Beeson IV, Manager of Information Technology
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James joined CEESI in 2003 as a Systems Engineer and was responsible for maintaining the corporate website and developing web-based tools for CEESI staff. As the current Manager of Information Technology his roles include: planning and testing corporate intranet software updates, managing software development projects, website development, performing user interface testing on most systems, database administration, I.T. purchasing, training I.T. staff on user interface design issues, and providing desktop technical support. He plans and helps maintain connectivity between CEESI’s systems including: the corporate intranet, accounting software, CEESI website, shipping software, Measurement Library, meter data acquisition systems, expense software, barcode systems, and air compressors. James works with employees and managers to identify opportunities to streamline and automate business processes, then plans changes to CEESI systems as needed. He currently coordinates the maintenance of the CEESI, WEST, and CMS websites; he was previously involved in development of the CEESmaRT and Flow Systems websites. [Read more...]

Damon Myers, Manager – Liquid Hydrocarbon Operations/Special Projects Coordinator
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Damon joined CEESI in 2006 after graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management. He has worked in nearly all test areas and attended in-house CEESI training courses on flow measurement. In addition, Damon has also received meter specific training for SICK, Daniel, Micro Motion, and FMC meters. He has also been trained to use: LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) Units, Autocad, pressure and temperature transmitters, and data acquisition system communications. In 2007, Damon was promoted to Business Development & Special Project Coordinator. Since then his duties have included: quoting calibration jobs, customer relations and support, coordinating special projects, lab technician support and training. Recently Damon has worked on several large projects including: coriolis meter testing for PRCI (Pipeline Research Council International) and the fabrication and develop of the new oil in water test area at the Colorado facility. In 2017, Damon was promoted to Manager – Liquid Hydrocarbon Operations/Special Projects Coordinator.

Jason Tator, Manager – High Flow Pad Operations/Marketing and Training Coordinator
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Jason joined CEESI in 2004 after being honorably discharged as a Sergeant in the United States Army. In 2015, Jason was promoted to Operations Manager for the High Flow Test Facility. His responsibilities at CEESI include meter communications, test set up, data evaluation, scheduling, and customer relations. He has worked with energy industry specific meters including: liquid turbine meters, LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) units, coriolis meters, gas ultrasonic meters, gas turbine meters, orifice meters, cone meters, and positive displacement meters. His field work experience includes international work with LACT units and providing LACT unit training for customers. He has assisted with the design of hydrocarbon liquid metering calibration skids both domestically and internationally; this design work was related to turbine, cone, and coriolis meters. He has also worked with the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) on wax testing for coriolis meters. Since he began working at CEESI, he has received a variety of measurement-related training including: SICK ultrasonic meter training, small volume prover training, and in-house CEESI flow measurement training. In 2017, his title was changed to Manager – High Flow Pad Operations/Marketing and Training Coordinator.

Jeremiah Gage, Director of Business Development
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Jeremiah joined CEESI in 2009 and was originally tasked with coordinating and advertising CEESI's flow measurement training courses. Since then, he has taken on a variety of roles including: customer relations, event planning, sales, coordinating business projects, and gathering measurement-related historical information to present at conferences. He has been involved in organizing the European Flow Measurement Workshop (starting in 2013), North American Custody Transfer Measurement Conference (starting in 2009), and the International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement (starting in 2012). He currently works with customers to plan, develop, and schedule on-site training courses; Jeremiah also coordinates with customers and CEESI lab managers to plan and schedule special testing projects. Jeremiah has written and presented papers at ISHM regarding the history of calibrations using AGA orifice plate standards, the evolution of pipeline technologies, and the evolution of turbine meter technology. [Read more...]

Al Luppen, Operations Manager (Iowa Facility)

Al joined CEESI Iowa in 1999. During his time with CEESI, he has taken factory training on various ultrasonic meters including Instromet, Daniel, FMC, SICK, and Krohne. From 1999 to 2001, Luppen served as a Senior Flow Measurement Technician. In recognition of his talents and leadership capabilities, he later took on the role of Operations Manager of CEESI Iowa. His responsibilities include assisting with the management of the calibration schedule, customer relations, and controls operator and data collection. In 2013, he assisted in the Iowa facility upgrade which added additional low flow capabilities.

Tim Hunteman, Manager – Water Lab Operations

Tim joined CEESI and began working in the water lab in 2007. Before joining CEESI, he had twelve years of experience working for a large rural drinking water utility in northern Colorado; his work experience with meters, pumps, and valves began in the mid 1980's. His responsibilities at CEESI include building test setups, establishing communications with meter electronics, and conducting calibrations in the water lab at the Colorado facility. In the last several years, has worked on several special testing projects including: assisting with multiphase testing, high pressure valve mapping, and testing check valves. Recently, Tim has performed a large number of calibrations for Pratt and Whitney, Woodward Governor, Solartron. He has taking in-house training courses on flow measurement and has received training regarding Micro Motion meters. In 2017, Tim was promoted to Manager – Water Lab Operations.

Dave Struebing, Manager – Cryogenics Operations

Dave joined CEESI in 2007 and began working in CEESI's main lab at the Colorado facility. His duties including building test setups and conducting meter calibrations. He has taken flow measurement courses relating to coriolis and ultrasonic meters, and also has training calibrating a variety of SICK meters. In 2014 he was transferred to the Porter, calibrating ultra-low flow meters using a Brooks prover. In 2016 he moved to the Cryogenic Flow Calibration Facility where he was trained by Mike Lewis of NIST. Training included construction, operation and data acquisition of the NL2-based system.


Adam Lawrence, Senior Flow Measurement Technician

Adam joined CEESI in 1999. His duties including building test setups and conducting meter calibrations; he has worked on the High Flow Pad for several years. He has been worked on a variety of special projects including API orifice plate testing, NIST flare testing, relief valve testing, and special projects for DP Diagnositcs. Adam has received a variety of training on calibrating cone meters.

Kevin Hutchins, Senior Flow Technician & Site Safety Coordinator

Kevin joined CEESI in 2004. His duties include creating calibration test plans, setting up meters, performing calibrations, quoting jobs for customers, and coordinating safety protocols for the Colorado facility. Kevin has extensive expectance with a range of meter types including: ultrasonic, subsonic venturi, laminar flow element (LFE), sonic nozzles, and turbine. He frequently performs meter calibrations for GE, SICK, and Horiba; he has received training for operating GE & SICK ultrasonic meters. Kevin has recently worked with aerospace industry customers regarding research & development for new missile defense system. In addition, he has also has worked on research & development testing for a new ultrasonic transducer design.

Bob Lee, Senior Flow Measurement Technician

Bob joined CEESI in 2004. His responsibilities at CEESI include setting up meter calibration tests and calibrating high velocity flow meters. For several years, he has been the senior measurement technician in charge of the "Missile Bay" (high flow test area) at the Colorado facility; in the last several years, the majority of the meters he has calibrated have included: cone, subsonic venturis, turbine, and ultrasonic meters. He has received training on SICK and Daniel ultrasonic meters. In the last several years, he has worked on several special testing projects including: measuring installation effects on cone meter prototypes, measuring ultrasonic meter noise and installation effect testing, conducting turbo fan testing, measuring effects of sound suppression devices on several types of meters, and testing flare gas meters. He also worked on a special project studying the flow profile effects of flow conditioners. Bob has an Associate's Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Denver Institute of Technology.

Bobby Ganzenmuller, Senior Flow Measurement Technician

Bobby joined CEESI in 2005. His current duties include setting up meter calibration tests and calibrating flow meters for a wide range of flow rates. Bobby is in charge of "R&D" test area at the Colorado facility which specializes in calibrating valves and critical flow venturis for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He continually performs valve mapping calibrations for the gas industry, and also regularly performs critical flow venturi bootstrap tests. Bobby has also performed on-site calibration for CMS.

Brandon Cooper, Senior Flow Measurement Technician & Information Technology Support

Brandon joined the CEESI Iowa facility team in 2008. He brought with him a great deal of I.T. knowledge and has served as the Iowa facility I.T. support staff member since he came on board. During his time with CEESI Iowa, he has built on that knowledge. He has also served as a senior flow measurement technician for the Iowa facility performing calibrations, with a concentration in specialized testing projects. Having received factory training on various ultrasonic meters (e.g. Daniel, SICK, FMC, Instromet, and Krohne), Brandon has helped provide a support role to CMS, travelling to South America and various parts of the United States. In this role, he has worked with specialized equipment to solve LAUF, and other measurement issues for our customers. In 2013, he assisted in the Iowa facility upgrade which gave the Iowa facility additional low flow capabilities. Finally, he has received training on gas chromatography and supports CEESI Iowa’s gas chromatograph needs.


Charlie Britton

Mr. Charlie Britton earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1965 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He worked as a research engineer for the University after graduation and became the first lab manager of the Experimental Station when it moved from the University to its present location in Nunn, Colorado. Mr. Britton has been instrumental in the development of CEESI’s calibration and test stands. He left CEESI in 1975 to begin an independent consulting business and later worked for Dieterich Standard where he became the Vice President of Engineering. Mr. Britton brings to CEESI over 33 years of experience in design and construction of high pressure gas flow test facilities, design of experimental techniques for flow meter evaluation and development of computer data acquisition/reducing programs.

Stephen T. (Steve) Stark
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Steve Stark is an independent advisor, consultant, coach, and teacher with decades of experience measuring natural gas, crude oil, and hydrocarbon liquids. Before forming Stark & Associates, Inc. in 1997, he was Manager of Measurement Technology with Williams Midstream having previously managed the Williams Natural Gas Co. measurement department. In the 1980s Steve worked for Phillips Petroleum Company with the Fluid Measurement Group in Bartlesville. Earlier, he was a field measurement technician with Transok Pipeline Company in southwestern Oklahoma and before that he worked as tool and gun rigger with Jetco, Inc., a perforating and logging company in Oklahoma City. Steve has served on AGA, API, and GPA standards committees and was directly involved in developing many measurement standards in use today. He also chaired activities of the Southern Gas Association and Gas Research Institute, and served on the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and General Committee of the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM). [Read more...]

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